Harbour Design.

Harbour designs are thoughtfully crafted and made from quality fabrics sourced in the USA.  Each design boasts a modern twist to traditional styles for the most fashionable tot.  

Harbour Value.

The best thing about buying Harbour?  We sell strictly online, cutting out the "middleman" so we can give you quality products at a reasonable price.  

Harbour for Love.

Harbour believes in giving back. For every garment you buy, a percentage of the proceeds go to help Foster Children in the United States.  There are currently over 100,000 children in the U.S. waiting to find a loving home. Let's Harbour for love and hope, with the goal of providing a bright future for these children (for more information visit Partnerships).

Harbour for Change.

Harbour strives to be environmentally responsible. We source our fabric in Los Angeles from manufacturers who over-ordered.  We simplify our packaging in order to minimize waste and use recycled materials. Consider the difference we could make if everyone recycled every box and bag delivered to their homes! Please Recycle!